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Celebrate any reason to Celebrate! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Many years ago I was in Mexico on May 5th on a girls trip. I was excited to see the festivities of being in Mexico and participating in their Independence party. Instead, I found snickering and a story basically telling me this was an American celebration. That was my first real life lesson of how we write history, from our point of view. Nevertheless, my friend and I had a great time that Cinco de Mayo. And it makes me think, life can be tough, especially in times of stress, even more since the pandemic. Struggles are real. So, focusing on and celebrating anything, and every little thing is a great way to boost spirits and curb off depression and anxiety. Even if the history is faulty and today is really just an exaggerated annual Taco Tuesday night, grab your favorite chips and salsa, marg or Mexican beer or whatever or whoever puts a smile on your face and celebrate! We can choose to do this today. We can choose to do this always!

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