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Rain is Romantic. Wedding officiant that won't melt!

As the season for outdoor weddings ensues, so does the unpredictable weather. When planning the perfect day, it is easy to think mishaps like the rain or other unexpected events ruins the day and takes away the magic. However, use this 1st day of your married life to practice an essential skill for long-term marital bliss...embrace the now! It's difficult, but often if you hold on for the ride and accept things as they are, you learn that the mishaps are the things that create the memories, so take a breath, connect to love, connect to the moment. Then when you look back at your photos, you will see smiles, laughter and love as you have the kiss, smash the cake and dance in the rain! I won't cancel on you over weather, but it's even more important that you make sure to slow down and enjoy your special day.

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